Aleatico Passito

Aleatico Passito

Aleatico Passito


This “passito” was product in small quantity, less than 1000 bottles, has been made with grapes of Aleatico. In Tuscany, this wine has ancient roots on the coastal zone and in the “archipelago”. Speaking specifically of the Maremma and Morellino di Scansano the Aleatico was used after drying in a plant to prepare a wine with high alcohol but not fortified (source ARSIA notebooks,No.6/97).

Vineyard and grapes (extension): 0.2 ectars certified organic by ICEA. From this surface are obtained 300/350 liters of finished wine per year. The grapes are 100% aleatico.

Winemaking: the grapes, already slightly dried on the plant are harvested, manually select and complete drying in a cool, well ventilated area . The drying period lasts from 40 to 50 days after which the grapes are de-stemmed and the first part of the fermentation takes place in stainless steel, then the conclusion occurs in wooden barrels (110 l) with a new degree of toasting medium or medium-strong.

Date of bottling: from 24 months aging are evaluated only the best lots of different vintages of this wine and bottling takes place after the assembly usually in the month of December.

Number of bottles produced: about 1000 bottles of 0.5 l.

Tasting notes: the color is deep garnet red, nose is characterized by aromas of rose, dried apricot and ripe black fruit that integrate with perceptions of secondary tone spicy; woody note of important complement necessary to harmonize the nose exuberance . The palate shows character, great texture and personality, very pleasing given the residual sugar balanced by the natural acidity from fermentation and maintained by the assembly, the alcohol content is not excessive makes it a very balanced and pleasant drink.

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