Flower Power®

Rosé Flower Power wine bottle

Flower Power: colorful, lively, natural


The name of the wine “flower power” derives from the famous expression of the poet Allen Ginsberg coined during the period of the  “hippy counterculture ” of the sixties and seventies. This wine finds it’s natural habitat on the edge of a swimming pool or on the background of a barbecue among friends.

Date of vintage 2016: the vintage of the rosè follows the harvest period of the first Sangiovese grapes, this year the starting day for this variety was the second week of september.

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese by organic grapes.

Vinification: the vinification occours with the “soft pressure” method, after a short maceration on the skins. After a freezing period of the fresh juice the fermentation occours in steel with selected yeasts. The fermentation is driven for 15-20 days at low temperatures.

Date of bottling: February 2017(number of bottles production 28.000).

Organoleptic features: the colour is a classic pale pink, light and brilliant, the flavour of this rosè is characterized by first notes of tropical fruits as grapefruit and pinapple, followed by apricot and wild flowers hints.

Match and temperature: the wine is ideal for aperitif but matches as well with charcuterie, chease, pasta, pizza, meat or fish; serve cold.

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