Grape harvest 2013

Vendemmia Morellino 2013

Vendemmia Morellino Podere 414

The potential of the new vintage: the dominating characteristic of all the wine in tanks is the richness in colour which is particularly deep and intense. When smelling it it's possible to note a slight odour of mercaptans. This fault has been eliminated by working hard on the process of oxidation during the first stages of the fermentation. The alcohol level is kept within 14°. As for the taste it's possible to feel the wine structure which varies from medium to high level with the tannins at an excellent quality level. These are supposed to get smoothed by a much longer stay in wooden barrels than the average of the other vintages. So Morellino 2013 will be a wine characterised by a longer period of aging in comparison with that of the previous vintages but it will certainly be long-lived and well-balanced at the point of maturity.

Characteristics of the grapes: seasonal changes brought a predictable delay in ripening of the grapes. The vegetative season was protracted and therefore required a better phytosanitary defence. As it often happens in Maremma, the restrictive meteorological conditions in spring became particularly favourable during the period of the grape harvest so that each variety could be picked at the most suitable moment. Apart from Sangiovese which is a most trustworthy variety, this year some other varieties stood out as well for their intrinsic quality and conformity with the territory – Alicante B. and Syrah. Strong cuticles permitted to make a prolonged and gradual extraction during the stage of fermentation without any risk of extracting dangerous bitter tastes.


Beginning: 12 sept. 2013 | end: 12 oct. 2013

Weather conditions

Rainfall of the period: <80 mm
Average temperature of the period: 24°c


Actual days of harvest: 18
Land staff: 14 people
Cellar staff: 4 people
Harvest method: hand in big boxes 80%, hand in small boxes 20%

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