Morellino di Scansano

Morellino di Scansano 2014

Morellino di Scansano 2014


Morellino Podere 414, the only wine produced by the farm contains 85% of Sangiovese, accompanied by Ciliegiolo, a local vine variety, traditional of Maremma territory and particularly valuable for giving freshness to the wine; Alicante is responsble for conferring it a mediterranean sign, spicy and intense, and Colorino. This Morellino represents all the features of Maremma's character, impetuous at first sight, though generous in colour, in aroma and in body, just like its territory of origin.

Grape Harvest dates: start 17 September 2014, end 16 October 2014 (100% hand harvested).

Vineyard (extension): 22 hectares of vineyard under organic management (IT BIO 006 OP.B1105). All of the vines are planted at high density (about 6500 vines/hectare) and the prevailing training method is the double guyot, the Alicante B. variety is managed at head pruned (Goblet).

Grape varietals: 85% Sangiovese, 15% other varietes (Ciliegiolo, Colorino, Alicante B., Sirah).

Wine making: occurs in modern concrete baths and small wooden vats, using traditional methodology: native yeasts, skin maceration times of 14/21 days at temperatures of 27-29°C; poliphenol extraction alternating between manual delestage and punchdowns.

Maturing and refinement: the wine is aged in wood and refines for 12 months in small wooden casks (25 hl) and tonneaux (5 hl).

Time storage vintage 2013: 8-10 years.

Date of bottling: bottling March 2014.

Number of bottles produced: 114.000 bottles.

Analytic data: alcohol 13,50 % vol, total acidity 5,40 g/l; net extract 29,00 g/l; sugar 0,4 g/l.

Organoleptic analysis: the colour is intense ruby red. The bouquet is characterized by key notes of ripe fruit which blend with secondary spicy notes complemented by a woody note. On the mouth it delivers body, roundness and freshness, derived from the quality of the tannins and the sustained
acidity. Our aim is the creation of a wine which distinguisches itself, thanks to its peculiarities of harmony and refinement, rendering any meal more pleasant end flowing without overbearing. This year vintage fully lives up to the previous once in standards of both quality and regional reputation.

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